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Internet Protocol Success: RFC5218 analysis at Ecole Polytechnique

By | March 3, 2017

Last Wednesday was the day of  the “first half” of the exam in INF566 — a rather non-traditional class that I teach with Mark Townsley (and, with expert assistance of Jean-Louis Rougier  from Telecom-ParisTech) and where the goal is to understand not just protocols and technology, but also analyse why within a given problem-space, one… Read More »

Peers-and-Tiers, Random acts of Kindness, and Routing Security at Ecole Polytechnique

By | January 26, 2017

In the course INF566 “Internet Protocol Success” at Ecole Polytechnique, and as part as the curriculum in Advanced Communication Networks, I, my colleague Mark Townsley, and again with expert assistance from Jean-Louis Rougier, are teaching “enterprise-grade Internet Routing”. Starting with an understanding of peering and network tiers,  of the business relationships that these entail, and of the Internet… Read More »

Master Class: Spring Forward & RSVP with Rob Shakir, Google

By | January 20, 2017

Next Wednesday (January 25) at 14h, Rob Shakir from Google will stop by Ecole Polytechnique to give a master class on some of the latest and greatest advances in (enterprise-grade) Networking. Robs career has taken him through national network operators, over start-up’s to currently a role as network architect with Google – always seeking increasingly… Read More »

Internet Protocol Success

By | January 4, 2017

This semester, I will be co-teaching the course “Internet Protocol Success” with my colleague Mark Townsley, to 3rd year and M1-ACN students at Ecole Polytechnique, and we will be expertly assisted by Jean-Louis Rougier who comes out from Telecom-ParisTech to lend us a hand with this. “Internet Protocol Success” is almost a soft-skills-course: the imperative is… Read More »