Giovanna Carofiglio from Cisco France opening the ICN session at the 2017 Cisco-Polytechnique symposium

By | March 20, 2017

Giovanna Carofiglio from Cisco France opening the ICN session at the 2017 Cisco-Polytechnique symposium, outlining 7 thought-provoking tasks. I am especially interested in the last talk “how do we solve the ‘crying baby’ problem?” – wondering if he has a solution also to in airplane cabins 😉 — and, as always, looking forward to meeting my old friend Emmanuel Baccelli, also.

  • ICN + Industrial Internet = Towards an ICN Cloud Architecture for the IoT? Prof. Dr. Matthias Wählisch, Freie Universitat Berlin
  • ICN for the IoT: Energy Efficiency, Opportunities & Challenges, Dr. Emmanuel Baccelli, INRIA
  • Temporal-spatial distributed databases over ICN, Prof. Andrea Detti, Università di Roma Tor Vergata
  • Stream Reasoning-Based Control of Caching Strategies in CCN Routers, Prof. Dr. Hermann Hellwagner, Klagenfurt University
  • Mobile video for ICN, Jacques Samain, Cisco
  • Keyword-based mobile application sharing through information-centric connectivity, Dr. Ioannis Psaras, UCL
  • Multicast: How do we solve the ‘crying baby’ problem?, Dr. Mayutan Arumathrai, University of Goettingen
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