The international Masters program, in “Advanced Communication Networks” (ACN), jointly operated by

Telecom-ParisTech and Ecole Polytechnique, in collaboration with Université Paris Sud, offers a curriculum which emphasizes:

  • architectures, algorithms, and technologies – as well as how, and why, these have evolved;
  • a strong expertise in theoretical tools and methods for network performance study and analysis;
  • a vision of the future of networks and an understanding of the current trends;
  • avant-garde classes and course modules, an innovative pedagogical approach, taught by a world-class faculty.

The ACN Masters program is supported by the Cisco-Polytechnique Academic NewNet@Paris (Cisco/Telecom ParisTech) Chaires.

A program of excellence

This program is aimed at a small number of excellent and promising students.

This affords that each student can be followed individually, that class-sizes are so as to not just acco,modate, but encourage, interaction, and a high faculty-to-student ratio.

Our world-class faculty is recognized as academic and/or industrial experts in the domains in which they teach.

Finally, the program has been developed in collaboration with, and is endorsed by, leading international academic institutions and industrial partners.

An International Research-oriented Masters program,

With students and faculty hailing from all over the planet, all classes are taught in English. Calling on international experts for providing “masters classes” in select advanced topics, and with students immeresed in the latest international research topics, our graduates are used to working in an international context and to turn cultural and  linguistic differences into opportunities.

Research is a key element of the program allowing students to get familiar with the latest innovations.

An Accredited, Recognized, Masters Program

imageThis ACN master is a nationally accredited program under the auspices of the University of Paris-Saclay.

An Exciting Career Kickstarter!

The  ACN  program aims high: to train future technology visionaries,  engineers and leaders – in other words, active players in the field of networking technology innovation and research.

Possible career encompass:

  • High Level R&D engineers in private and public research labs;
  • Doctoral studies and PhD diploma in France or abroad;
  • Project Managers for network operators, equipment manufacturers and service/content providers;
  • Network and information systems experts and architects in large industrial groups and consulting firms;
  • Technical leadership positions, such as Principal/Distinguished Engineers and Technical Fellows;
  • Careers in academia.
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