SDN and NFV explained to M2 ACN students by Patrice Nivaggioli (Cisco)

By | January 31, 2017

On Friday 27th afternoon at Telecom ParisTech, we had the pleasure to have Patrice Nivaggioli from Cisco in our seminars of the “Future Internet” class. Patrice gave an overview of these technologies and gave some “hot” use-cases (in data centers, traffic engineering in conjunction with Segment Routing, …). It was nice to have these application scenarios, which helps to understand what lies beyond these “buzz words”…

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About Jean-Louis Rougier

Jean-Louis Rougier is professor at the Network and Computer Science Department of Telecom ParisTech. He is leading the "Network, Mobility and Servies" research team. He got his Ph.D. from Telecom ParisTech in 1999 and M.Sc from the same institution in 1996. Jean-Louis co-coordinates the ACN Masters program.

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