Year 1: Solid Scientific Foundations

The M1 program in Advanced Communication Networks is structured into three periods: Period 1 and 2 are contains mainly courses, with Period 3 being dedicated to an innovative research project, in collaboration with an academic or industrial research laboratory.


  • Period 1+2 also contains one, long, group project. Small groups of students work, under supervision of a faculty member, on a project which is either:
    • A research project, consisting of the students integrating in the research team of the supervising faculty member, collaborating with, and contributing to the research of that research team, and — ultimately – participating in publication of one (or more) scientific papers.
    • A technology maturation project,  essentially taking an already well-baked idea (either, developed by the students, or by a research team) and transferring it “from research idea, to potential start-up”. These projects are co-supervised by a computer networking faculty member, and a representative from the Innovation Centre at  Ecole Polytechnique.
  • Period 3  (20 ECTS) is entirely dedicated to a  research internship – which may happen  either in a corporate or academic research laboratory. In both cases, the objective is to participate in a large-scale research project,  and the student will be closely followed by both a research tutor (day to day guidance of the research project) and a referent faculty member.


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